Party Pretzelz FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Party Pretzelz!

Made of all natural ingredients and baked fresh daily, Party Pretzelz are a shockingly smooth, portable tobacco platform. 

  • Party Pretzelz provide full, clean draws that outperform many traditional pipes--and always add a touch of pretzely flavor.
  • Perfect for travel! 
  • Pretzels conduct less heat than traditional pipes, cooling quickly and saving your fingers and tobacco. 


 Q: What are Party Pretzelz all about?

A: One day years ago our founder, Johnny Jurewicz, concocted a way to combine two favorite pastimes, smoking and snacking on pretzels. After a long series of trials and errors, they arrived at the patent-pending technique for turning pretzel dough into the perfect smoking platform. The result was Party Pretzelz, the hand-crafted and baked bit of ingenuity that will be the talk and spark of your next party.

Q: What's in Party Pretzelz?

Flour, egg whites, salt, brown sugar, white sugar, and baking soda. That's it. The dough is then rolled and formed into its trademark design, baked to perfection, and sealed fresh for delivery. Your favorite pretzel rods should be made with this much tender loving care.


Q: Do they really work for smoking?

A: Like a dream. Check out Party Pretzelz in action at Seattle HempFest in this short video! The secret to any good pipe is a well-formed bowl and a clear, reliable draw chamber. Our design and baking process ensures that Party Pretzelz operate with the same ease as your favorite pipe.

Q: Can you eat them?

Though they are made from all natural ingredients and baked fresh daily, Party Pretzelz are a novelty item and are NOT approved by the FDA for consumption. Enjoy them, but don't munch on them.


 Q: How durable are Party Pretzelz

A. Well, they're pretzels. Hard pretzels to be sure, but made for recreation and leisure, not extreme sports. But with careful handling, Party Pretzelz have been known to work perfectly for months.


Q: What's with the Panda?

A: That's Plato. He's very wise. He loves Party Pretzelz and has eschewed all other forms of pipes.


Q: How do I buy Party Pretzelz?

A. You're almost there! Buy now for fast, free delivery!