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"All natural ingredients for that all natural smoke."
Party Pretzelz LLC            PO Box 1259              New Lennox, IL 60451       708.897.0345



Party Pretzelz was founded in 2014 by President and CEO John Jurewicz, Jr., who spent years perfecting the art of fashioning all-natural pretzel dough into a durable pipe that smokes like its glass counterparts, but is way more delicious.  

Launched to unbelievable reception in 2015, thousands of Party Pretzelz have already been sold, earning accolades from industry leaders and the media.

The brilliance of Party Pretzelz is their simplicity. After experimenting with countless combinations of recipes and baking processes, John combined the most successful elements from many prototypes into his patented design. In addition to a clear, well-formed bowl and draw chamber, the nooks and crannies of the pretzel help trap tars and resins for a cleaner tasting smoke.

Though made to be disposable, Party Pretzelz are a durable, cool-burning smoke platform that wastes much less of your product to idle smolder. This represents a significant savings wood, steel, or even glass pipes can't match.

Party Pretzelz is privately owned and operated and committed to providing a fun, high quality product every time. Check us out on social media to see what the world is saying about the hottest innovation to hit smoking since matches!