Mission to HempFest was nuts.

A few weeks back, Party Pretzelz founder and CEO John Jurewicz, Jr. and his faithful companion Ryan Howell, AKA 'Shrek,' took John's brilliant, patented new invention on the road.

They set out from the home office in New Lenox, IL--where John's friends who smoke regular, legal tobacco have been enjoying his Party Pretzelz for ages--to introduce the world's only all-natural, edible, biodegradable pipe to Seattle HempFest. 

 John expected a warm reception. He did not expect long lines around his sales tent, interviews from major industry press, and to sell thousands of units. He certainly didn't expect His High Holiness Tommy Chong to dig the product. 



People went nuts over Party Pretzelz. We sold THOUSANDS of the things.

Project Party Pretzelz is growing so quickly it's a bit overwhelming! But we've rolled up our sleeves and we are ready to bring the magic of Party Pretzelz to the world. 

 WARNING: Once you experience our patented Pretzelz magic, you may be ruined on other smoke platforms for life. It happened to me, and I'm a panda. Panda's know stuff.  

Thanks for shopping. Pretzel on!

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